Cybersecurity Cost in Ireland

Ronan Short
February 4, 2024

Cyberattacks occur roughly every 11 seconds, and if your company is hit, it could take nearly 287 days to fix it. During this time, you might lose money, especially since data breaches cost around €3.72 million on average in 2022, but this year they exceeded that

As cyber threats evolve, it's crucial for businesses to protect their information systems and budget for security costs. This article will help you understand the expenses of hiring cybersecurity services, aiding in budget planning for cyberattack protection. So, without any further ado, let's get started.

What is the Average Cost of Cybersecurity?

The average cybersecurity budget should be between 5.6% and 20% of your total IT budget. This varies based on your industry, company size, and the types of services you need. Cybersecurity expenses are mainly divided into three categories:


This includes data security software and tools to stop breaches.


Detection involves tools and personnel for identifying breaches.


Covers the methods and staff used for dealing with incidents.

Why is the Cost of Cybersecurity So Expensive?

The cost of cybersecurity is high due to several factors. First, it requires continuous investment and monitoring, as simply installing a firewall isn't enough. Secondly, businesses face losses from hacked client trust and potential fines, especially in cases of sensitive data breaches. Third, companies must invest in cybersecurity insurance to cover potential damages from breaches.

Lastly, often businesses need to hire external IT professionals or outsource IT services for enhanced protection. These factors together contribute to the significant expense of maintaining robust cybersecurity.

Why You Should Have a Cybersecurity Budget

By 2026, the cybersecurity industry might reach a value of nearly €300 billion, emphasising its critical role in today's business world. This growth signifies the need for companies, especially those reliant on digital technologies, to allocate a reasonable budget for cybersecurity. 

However, setting a clear budget helps businesses balance the essential requirement of protecting sensitive information with the need to avoid overspending, which could strain their financial resources. Proper budgeting allows for strategic investment in effective security measures, ensuring businesses are equipped to handle cyber threats without putting their financial stability at risk. This careful planning is vital for the longevity and safety of any business in the digital age.

Understanding Cybersecurity Costs in Ireland

Cybersecurity is vital for protecting your business's digital health. Here's a breakdown of key expenses in Irish currency:


These are essential for keeping harmful digital traffic out. Depending on their capability and quantity, they can cost from €350 to €5,000. Add installation and subscription fees, and you're looking at an overall expense of €1,300 to €13,000.

Intrusion detection systems (IDS)

These systems keep an eye on network traffic, looking for anything suspicious. Setting up such a system typically costs around €1,850.

Network monitoring

This involves tools that alert you to network issues and help in planning for future network needs. For a small business, this could mean a monthly expense of €90 to €440, while medium-sized companies might spend €440 to €1,760.

Secure wireless service

This is crucial for protecting wireless networks from specific types of cyberattacks.

Data backup and recovery

In case of a disaster or cyberattack, having data backups is a lifesaver. Recovery services usually range from €90 to €880, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Device and software updates

Regularly updating your systems is key to protecting against cyber threats. These updates close security gaps and fix software bugs that hackers might exploit. 

Well, each of these components is important for keeping your business safe online. While the costs might seem high, they are necessary for safeguarding your company's digital assets.

Cloud Security Costs in Ireland

Cloud cybersecurity offers scalability and availability, but it can be more expensive than on-premises solutions. Here are key expenses for Irish businesses considering cloud data storage:

Managed service provider (MSP)

They handle network management with fees ranging from €90 to €220 per user each month.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOCs safeguard your cloud data. They monitor, detect, and respond to threats. Costs vary, and cloud environments may incur higher expenses due to added security services. Expect to pay over €2,400 per full-time worker.

Legal fees 

Data breaches could lead to costly legal battles, which also include potential legal expenses in your budget.

Data protection

Strategies like encryption, data masking, and retention policies are essential. Also, two-factor authentication, costing up to €9 per user monthly, adds an extra security layer.

These elements are crucial for cloud security, ensuring your business's digital assets are protected while being mindful of costs.

Addressing Help Desk Support Costs in Ireland

In the event of a cyberattack, it's vital to have help desk support for your employees and customers. They may need guidance on responding to the attack or accessing crucial information. The cost of this support varies based on your business size. Outsourcing help desk services to a third-party provider is an option worth considering, especially for smaller businesses or those looking to manage costs effectively.

4 Factors That Affect Cybersecurity Costs

Cybersecurity expenses in Ireland are influenced by several key factors, such as the nature of attacks faced by a business, the robustness of its systems, the required level of protection, and the specific type of security measures chosen.

Types of attacks:

  • Automated Attacks:

Regular automated attacks mean your business needs advanced defence mechanisms, which can be more expensive.

  • Manual Attacks:

These attacks are often more sophisticated and require stronger, more costly security solutions to effectively combat them.

System Strength:

A system with existing weaknesses requires additional investment to strengthen its defences. Enhancing a fragile system involves not just fixing current issues but also future-proofing it against potential threats.

Level of Protection:

The depth of security protection directly influences the cost. High-level security, offering extensive protection, will naturally be more expensive. In contrast, basic security needs, such as providing fundamental protection, are less costly.

Type of Protection:

The specific security solutions you choose play a significant role in determining overall costs. For instance, endpoint security, a critical component in protecting networks, can vary greatly in price depending on the features and level of protection offered.

Making a Cybersecurity Budget in Ireland

To budget for cybersecurity in Ireland, start with these steps:

  • Conduct an IT Audit: to assess your system's current state and identify vulnerabilities. The cost of an audit ranges from €1,320 to €5,280 for a small network and €4,400 to €8,800 for larger ones.
  • Choose a Security Solution: Select a solution that addresses your specific challenges and protects against major threats.
  • Develop a Financial Plan: Estimate the costs of your chosen security solution and create a financial plan to manage expenses.
  • Maintain Regularly: Implement a maintenance plan to ensure your cybersecurity system is always functioning optimally, preventing costly repairs and ensuring smooth operation.

Final Words!

Cybersecurity is a vital investment for any business, but it can also be a significant financial undertaking. Regardless of your company's size or industry, allocating a portion of your budget towards ongoing security measures is essential for minimising risk. Fortunately, there are strategies to manage these expenses effectively.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of cybersecurity or need professional assistance in safeguarding your business, IT Support 4U is here to help. Our team of experts offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your business needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a cybersecurity audit in Ireland?

The cost ranges from €1,320 to €5,280 for small networks and €4,400 to €8,800 for larger networks.

How often should I update my cybersecurity measures?

Regular updates are recommended, at least quarterly or as new threats emerge.

Can small businesses afford effective cybersecurity in Ireland?

Yes, there are scalable solutions available to fit different budgets and business sizes.

What's the first step in creating a cybersecurity budget?

Start with an IT audit to identify vulnerabilities and tailor your budget accordingly.

Is cloud-based cybersecurity more expensive than on-premises solutions?

Generally, cloud-based solutions can be more costly but offer benefits like high availability and scalability.

What are the key components of cybersecurity costs?

Key components include prevention, detection, response measures, and regular system maintenance.

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