IT Managed Service Provider - Top 4 Problems We Can Solve

Ronan Short
February 21, 2023

Your business is an expert on the products and services you sell. Let our experts focus on what we’re great at. Protecting your IT systems from failure and malicious activity.

Using IT Support 4U as your IT managed service provider ensures the smooth operation of your IT systems, no matter where you are.

As a IT managed service provider we have listed the top 4 problems that businesses have when it comes to managing the IT systems.

Top 4 problems an IT managed service provider can solve for your businesses.

1. Outdated Equipment & Software

The most common problem that faces all businesses is outdated, unreliable computers & printers/copiers that freeze and often need a bang to get going again. 

This isn’t an ideal scenario that business owners and staff want to contend with every day. Especially during peak trading periods. 

New equipment and software can be expensive. The right advice on how to integrate both the old and new IT equipment/software; saves you time and money.

Having an IT managed service provider to provide support means no time is wasted on installing new devices and transferring the data over. We do it all for you!

Staff can breathe a sigh of relief and can get back to work much faster than if it was left to the social media expert who is nominated as the office I.T. guy! 

Regular maintenance checks make a difference in regard to the performance of equipment and extending their life that bit longer before budgeting for an upgrade. 

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2. Lack of Security Measures.

Many businesses do not have adequate security procedures. Let’s be honest, out of convenience we tend to use the same password. It is usually stuck somewhere near the desktop so everyone in the office can log in without any hassle, even the newbie! 

Think about the numerous files, emails & social media accounts that can be accessed through a compromised password! 

While it is easy to turn a blind eye to the risks associated with these bad habits, now is time that everyone in the office should start being mindful of the possibility of falling prey to cyber-criminals.

It is not just large-scale businesses or organisations that are targeted. All data can be exploited. Smaller businesses and organizations can serve as a training ground for hackers, offering the chance to practice and test out their technique.

Here are just some of the methods being used by cyber-criminals today:

  • Phishing
  • Malware/Ransomware
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Denial of Service
  • Session Hi-jacking
  • Credential Reuse

In order to protect your staff and clients, it is imperative that every business makes the effort to get enterprise grade anti-virus & malware software.

Developing an I.T. policy combined with enterprise-level security should be considered essential.

Your businesses I.T. managed service provider can identify your needs and provide you with an affordable security package that will monitor your devices and decrease the potential threat of malware and hacking. 

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3. Data Loss & Recovery

Data loss can have a drastic effect on a business and it is not until after the event that it becomes a major concern. Most incidents of data loss occur due to human error (e.g., overwriting, deleting files).

Other common causes of data loss are:

  • Power outages.
  • Software corruption.
  • Workplace accidents like liquid damage, dropping devices and fire.
  • hard drive re-formatting. 

It is best practice to ensure that you have access to a secure backup. An external hard drive kept in one of the office drawers is not a reliable backup. while it is better than nothing it will not be sufficient when it comes to restoring all your data in a crisis! 

It was found that 140,000 hard drives crash a year from overheating, mechanical issues, dirt and misuse. You need an alternative means to secure your data is necessary to avoid complete disaster!

Imagine the panic and fear in the office if critical data was lost and the stress of trying to recreate your IT system from scratch using only old hard copies or whatever bit of information that is stored on USBs!

The loss of a client’s personal details is expensive between the downtime, GDPR fines and recovery period the cost can financially cripple businesses. There are also the reputational repercussions to consider when looking at the impact data loss can have on a business.

Having a cloud-based backup that is updated and regularly scanned protects your data and saves you time.

IT managed service providers can provide you with a recovery plan that will secure your files remotely while also enabling you to access them easily from all your I.T devices.

These protection packages can be offered on a monthly subscription making them more flexible for growing start-ups or offered on an annual contract.

Contact IT Support 4U for data backup options

Wi-fi Strength & connection issues

There is nothing more frustrating for staff when either working from home or in the office than losing Wi-fi strength and encountering connectivity issues.

In a recent survey conducted by Zen Internet, it was found that poor WIFI strength can result in a 38% loss of productivity with the workplace.

However, this issue can be overcome by arranging a consultation with your local I.T. support service, who can assess the workplace (whether that is the home or on-site office) and make recommendations on how best to alleviate the issues.

Usually, Wi-Fi connectivity problems can be solved using a range of devices. These can be installed to give your office better coverage and decreasing the chances of the signal dropping or slowing down.

 As the workplace is evolving and we are becoming more dependent on reliable internet connection and speed, it is worth ensuring that staff are available to perform tasks online without having to wait and struggle to complete them on-time.

It is not a costly job to install these devices and in the long run, can make the workplace run more efficiently by keeping productivity up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common IT issues that managed services can solve?

IT-managed services can help resolve various issues, including cybersecurity vulnerabilities, data management problems, network downtime, and issues related to outdated IT infrastructure.

How can a managed service provider (MSP) improve our cybersecurity?

An MSP can enhance cybersecurity by providing solutions like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and regular security audits. They also offer constant monitoring to detect and mitigate threats early.

Can an MSP help with data backup and disaster recovery?

Yes, an MSP can provide robust data backup solutions and disaster recovery plans. This helps ensure your data is regularly backed up and can be quickly restored during a data loss incident.

How can managed services help reduce IT costs?

Managed services help reduce IT costs by providing predictable monthly expenses, minimizing the need for in-house IT staff, and reducing downtime. They also prevent expensive issues by taking a proactive approach to IT management.

Can an MSP help if our IT infrastructure is outdated?

Yes, an MSP can thoroughly assess your IT infrastructure, recommend necessary upgrades, and assist with implementing new technologies to ensure your business remains competitive and secure.

How can managed services improve network performance and reliability?

Managed services continuously monitor your network to detect and fix issues before they become serious problems. They also optimize your network to ensure it performs at its best, improving reliability and efficiency.

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