Remote working Ireland Strategy in 2024

Ronan Short
February 24, 2023

How your business can offer the “Blended-Workplace Experience” of remote or hybrid working to your employees.

Remote Working Strategy 2024

Back in January 2021 the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment published “The Remote Working Strategy” which outlined the government’s future plans to accelerate the movement towards a remote or hybrid model of working.

This plan had been in the pipeline for some time to tackle the issue of rural migration and the pressure for accommodation in urban areas.

The main aim was to enable people the flexibility to work from their home counties outside of Dublin, Cork and Galway which would hopefully revitalise the towns and villages of Ireland.


However, no one expected that this initial transition would roll out as rapidly as it did due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Businesses and employees were forced into a position that would see people having to set up their offices in their homes for the foreseeable future.

It was difficult for many to adapt to remote working in the early phase, largely due to a lack of preparation and access to essential resources. Such as adequate technology, obtaining work files, strong Wi-Fi connectivity, space, and childcare.

While some of these factors still cause challenges, we are now are moving out of crisis mode and progressing towards a more manageable future.

Those obstacles can be tackled to enable businesses to thrive despite the threat of variants and restrictive measures.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has taken advantage of this situation and are beginning to look at developing the infrastructure needed to achieve The Remote Working Strategy’s main objective which is to “ensure that remote working is a permanent feature in the Irish workplace”.

Currently, legislation is being drafted to enable employees the right to request to work remotely and for employers to facilitate that request.

Therefore, businesses should start reassessing the way their workplace is operating and put in place a plan that will accommodate both in-house and remote working for the long term.

Remote Working Hybrid Model – what employees want

Fórsa conducted a survey which found that over 80% of those working from home would like to adopt a “hybrid model” going forward.

This was backed up by NUIG’s Whitaker Institute and WDC study which revealed in October 2020 that 94% would like to continue working this way.

The Central Statistics Office gathered data in relation to a number of enterprises that were staggering the days employees were on-site to follow Covid protocol. It found that 57.7% of staff were working remotely at any given time.

The data also revealed that 40% of these enterprises are already planning to make the remote/hybrid model a permanent arrangement.

Considering the short length of time that businesses have had to change their workplace environments; there has been an abundant amount of research and surveys conducted.

These are primarily to identify both the challenges and positive effects that such a model poses to individuals, businesses, and communities. The positive feedback has only encouraged businesses to make this plan a viable option.

Remote Working Services We provide

We want to help businesses put in place the I.T. infrastructure that is needed to keep productivity levels up, while also providing the online security that is essential when conducting business from remote locations.

According to Aisling Curtis-Commercial Director Microsoft Ireland, 72% of organisations have already implemented remote working policies over the past year.

This indicates that businesses should invest in providing Enterprise-Grade File Sync & Share tools and Endpoint Security to ensure that employees can work productively off site. Read more here.

As IT managed service providers and affiliate to Datto, Microsoft & Eset Security we can recommend the most appropriate package suited to your business and budget.

Once accessing these services, we will provide you and your staff with support for any of your business’s I.T. issues.

Datto Workplace: Enterprise Grade file Sync & Share tool which enables secure, remote collaboration. Staff can access files remotely via desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones without using a VPN.

Datto Workplace also has advanced ransomware features that can detect and mitigate threats from syncing across devices in the event of an attack. This is an effective tool for any size business and can be scaled up or down easily allowing you to tailor it specifically to your needs.

Datto RMM: provides your managed service provider with a platform that can monitor the performance of all your business’s devices and apply any necessary software patches and updates. If there are issues with a device this service will alert your managed service provider so that an I.T. specialist can access the device remotely and resolve the problem.

Datto File Protection: this service provides continuous file and folder backups. Users can restore any files that have been accidently deleted through human error. It will also reduce the amount of time spent trying to recover files that have been compromised due to hardware failure, ransomware, or lost/stolen devices.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR): This service provides businesses with an instant backup of critical data so that the chances of data loss are minimal. The Datto BCDR runs 24/7 and it continually saving updates of files that are being worked on and provides ransomware protection against any possible threats.

It is essential for any business or organisation which holds a high volume of confidential records. It ensures that the information is secure and in compliance with GDPR regulations. Installing a BCDR saves time and money by providing a back-up that can restore files within a matter of hours rather than weeks. The amount of downtime is dramatically decreased,allowing your business to recover quickly.

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Eset Endpoint Security: Protect your business’s I.T. devices with Eset Endpoint Security. This software offers a much more robust level of protection against any possible data breaches. Endpoint runs anti-virus software while simultaneously detecting advanced persistent threats, blocking targeted attacks, protects against ransomware and “Fileless-Attacks”, and includes mobile protection/multi-device monitoring.

Contact Us to learn more about Endpoint & Internet Security

We offer a range of affordable and scalable packages that will help your business operate efficiently and productively no matter where you or your employees are based.

I.T Support 4U can provide ongoing assistance and resolve any problems that your business may encounter while adopting a Remote working or Hybrid model as part of the ongoing trend to developing a more flexible and mobile workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Remote Working Strategy in Ireland for 2024?

The 2024 Remote Working Strategy in Ireland is a government initiative to make remote work a permanent option for life after the pandemic. It's part of the country's ambition to become a leader in remote work availability and practices.

What are the main goals of the 2024 Remote Working Strategy in Ireland?

The main goals are to facilitate and support remote work opportunities, ensure that remote workers have the same employment rights as on-site workers and provide the necessary infrastructure and services needed for remote work.

What are the benefits for workers under the Remote Working Strategy?

Benefits for workers include increased flexibility, reduced commuting times, improved work-life balance, and the possibility to live anywhere in Ireland, not just near a workplace.

How does the 2024 Remote Working Strategy impact employment rights and conditions?

The strategy aims to ensure that remote workers have the same rights as those working on-site, including access to training, opportunities for advancement, and protection from unfair treatment.

Are there measures in the strategy to address cybersecurity for remote workers?

Yes, the strategy emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity for remote workers. Businesses must provide employees with the necessary tools and training to ensure a secure remote working environment.

How does the strategy contribute to sustainable development?

By promoting remote work, the strategy helps to reduce commuting and the associated carbon emissions. It also aims to achieve a better regional balance of economic activity across Ireland.

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